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From Waste to Resource: Transforming Coconut Waste for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Coconut, the "tree of life," is a versatile tropical fruit with a multitude of valuable by-products. From the refreshing coconut water to the nutritious meat and the renowned coconut oil, every part of the coconut is utilized in various ways, enriching cuisines and offering health benefits.

However, the production of coconut by-products also presents significant waste challenges. The discarded husks, shells, and fibers generate a substantial amount of waste, posing environmental risks. The accumulation of coconut waste in landfills not only creates unsightly conditions but also has the potential to be hazardous. To ensure the preservation of ecosystems, mitigate pollution, and foster sustainable waste management practices, addressing these waste problems associated with coconut by-products is crucial.

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As the largest producer of coconut waste in the world, Indonesia faces a significant waste management challenge. With the extensive coconut industry in the country, the sheer volume of coconut husks, shells, and fibers generated is substantial. If not managed properly, this waste can lead to environmental issues such as water pollution, as coconut waste finds its way into waterways and oceans. It also contributes to land pollution, with mounting piles of coconut waste in landfills.

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Established in 2021 as a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs / UMKN), KELAPOT is on a mission to provide impactful solutions that contribute to spread awareness and reducing plastic usage and as Asia's leading socio-enterprise on Coconut Fiber as wood and plastic substitute. 

As part of our strategic expansion plan, we are excited to announce our merger with PT Cahaya Benih Dwipantara, a Bali-based company fully owned by domestic capital. This partnership opens new doors for us, enabling us to reach a wider market and amplify our mission in combating plastic waste and promoting sustainability. With the opportunities ahead, we remain committed to making a positive difference in our community and beyond, working towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Our team consists of Indonesia's brightest minds in various fields, who bring together their expertise to collaborate with the villagers of Bongan, Tabanan in Bali. Together, we develop practical solutions driven by a shared vision of creating tangible and sustainable impact.

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